6 Best Dog Groomers in Arlington, TX


As a dog owner, you want the best for your furry friend. Grooming is an important part of keeping your pup looking and feeling their best. To help you find the perfect groomer for your pup, we’ve put together this list of the six best dog groomers in Arlington, TX. Read on to discover which groomer is the best fit for you and your pup.

Bark of the Town

At Bark of the Town, a dog grooming company in Arlington, pampering your pooch is the top priority. The salon provides a comfortable and clean atmosphere to encourage a personal bond between groomers and pets. Haircuts, nail trims, and coat services are available for dogs below 14 years old and 1 lbs in weight, as well as Schnoodles and poodles. Custom requests, such as particular grooming styles, can also be accommodated. To book an appointment, simply visit the company’s website.

Rating: 4.7

Website : http://www.bark-town.com/

Phone: +1 817-930-0243

Full Address: 5300 W Arkansas Ln # 128, Arlington, TX 76016

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Shear Heaven Pet Spa

For over three years, Shear Heaven Pet Spa has been providing the Arlington metro area with top-notch pet grooming services. From basic grooming and nail clipping to specialty treatments like blueberry facials and medicated baths, they offer it all. Their experienced dog groomers use only the best, pet-friendly products, including shampoos, conditioners, colognes, cooling balms, and more. No matter the breed or size, they have the perfect grooming package to keep your pup looking and feeling fresh.

Rating: 4.9

Website : https://www.arlingtonpetgrooming.com/

Phone: +1 817-277-8433

Full Address: 2218 S Bowen Rd, Arlington, TX 76013

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The Dog Wash

Since 1986, The Dog Wash in Arlington has been providing do-it-yourself dog grooming services. The facility is equipped with an array of tools and products, including brushes, grooming tables, tubs, nail clippers, dryers, and towels. All breeds of dogs can benefit from their services, such as nail trimming, ear cleaning and plucking, brushing, and flea and tick treatment. The Dog Wash also offers daycare and boarding services.

Rating: 4.4

Website : https://dogwash.net/

Phone: +1 817-561-1801

Full Address: 5759 SW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX 76017

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Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming

For over two decades, Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming has been providing pet owners in Arlington and nearby areas with comprehensive home-service pet grooming. Their services include paw pad and gland cleaning, bath and brush, haircut, blow-dry, nail trimming, ear cleaning and pet waste removal. They also offer obedience training for dogs. To ensure the comfort of your pet, each one is assigned a permanent personal groomer.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://mobiledoggroomingandtraining.com/

Phone: +1 817-350-7297

Full Address: nan

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Texas AllBreed Grooming School

Texas AllBreed Grooming School in Arlington is a one-stop-shop for all your pet styling and grooming needs. From cats to dogs of any size and breed, they provide a comprehensive package to get your pet looking their best. This includes a blueberry facial, bath, blowdrying, brushing or combing, ear cleaning, nail cutting, teeth brushing, nail painting, and flea treatment. As a proud member of the NDGAA and the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, they also provide pet grooming courses to ensure your pet is well taken care of.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://www.tagsperfectjob.com/

Phone: +1 817-472-7054

Full Address: 1003 Enterprise Pl, Arlington, TX 76001

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Dog Grooming Shop

The Dog Grooming Shop, situated in Arlington, is open Tuesday through Saturday to offer a full range of grooming services in a tranquil and cozy atmosphere. With years of experience in grooming all kinds of dogs, from the tiniest to the biggest, the shop’s stylists are sure to have the skills to pamper any pup. The Dog Grooming Shop also provides a selection of products for sale, to allow its clients to do basic grooming for their dogs at home.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://doggroomingshop.business.site/

Phone: +1 817-459-4343

Full Address: 2430 N Davis Dr #107, Arlington, TX 76012

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