6 Best Property Management Companies in Winston Salem, NC


Are you in search of a reliable property management company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina? It can be a daunting task to choose the best one for your needs. To help you out, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 6 property management companies in Winston-Salem. In this blog post, we’ll cover their services, pricing, and more. Read on to find out which property management company is the perfect fit for you!

Neari & Associates

At Neari & Associates, we specialize in property management in Winston Salem, handling the leasing process and providing a liaison between tenants and landlords. We collect rent payments and resolve any disputes concerning lease agreements. Additionally, we offer advice to clients about their property values, rental prices, and potential renovations that can raise their property’s value. For large-scale projects, our team is trained to manage construction efficiently. Furthermore, we provide financial information to our clients to track investment performance.

Rating: 5.0

Website : http://neariassociates.com/

Phone: +1 336-831-0521

Full Address: 322 N Spring St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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Piedmont Premier Property Management

Piedmont Premier Property Management, based in Winston-Salem, is a full-service property management firm offering a variety of services for single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and multifamily houses. Their goal is to maximize their clients’ investments while providing peace of mind that their property is managed by a professional. The services they provide include marketing the property, tenant screening, lease agreement handling, rent collection, and maintenance supervision.

Rating: nan

Website : https://www.p-3mgmt.com/

Phone: +1 336-499-7155

Full Address: 1100 S Stratford Rd Bldg C Ste 200, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

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Acorn + Oak Triad

At Acorn + Oak Triad, the residential property owners of Winston Salem can find assistance in managing their rental properties. The property managers provided by the firm conduct rent value assessment and rental market analysis to ensure the highest possible returns for their clients. They can also assist in preparing the home for occupancy by discussing rental details and providing suggestions. Furthermore, Acorn + Oak Triad offers property marketing, property tours, and credit and background checks of applicants. Clients also have access to a secure online portal for digital transactions such as rent collection.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://triad.acorn-oak.com/

Phone: +1 336-443-0199

Full Address: 111 W Lewis St, Greensboro, NC 27406

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Victory Property Management

Victory Property Management, a rental management firm with over a decade of experience in the housing industry, is based in Winston Salem and has a team of property managers. Their services include property advertising, tenant screening, and property maintenance, and they also utilize a 3D home-scanning technology to provide potential tenants with 3D virtual walkthroughs. This innovative technology allows tenants to explore properties from the comfort of their homes, using their smartphones, computers, or virtual reality headsets.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://victoryrealestateinc.com/

Phone: +1 336-565-2025

Full Address: 615 St George Square Ct #300, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

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Jurney & Associates, Inc.

Since 1978, Jurney and Associates has been providing property management services to people in and around Winston Salem. The company helps landlords and owners promote their properties to potential tenants both online and through subscribed tenants. It also takes care of the paperwork for both clients and applicants, including rent prices and responsibility notices. With an experienced staff, boasting over 4 years of real estate experience, and its current president, Kelly Jurney Simmons, who has been a property manager since 29, the company offers the highest quality of service to its clients.

Rating: 4.3

Website : http://www.jurneyandassociates.com/

Phone: +1 336-985-5531

Full Address: Post Office Street Box 969 Box 969, King, NC 27021

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Open Door Real Estate

Open Door Real Estate is a property brokerage and management company located in Winston Salem and the surrounding areas. They provide a comprehensive list of homes for their clients to choose from, with many features such as multiple bedrooms, multiple rooms, and front yards to take into consideration. They also conduct background checks on the property and examine it for any lingering issues or necessary renovations. For sellers and landlords, they provide assistance in reviewing applications and histories of potential tenants.

Rating: 3.7

Website : http://opendoortriadre.com/

Phone: +1 336-930-3202

Full Address: 129 Fayette St NW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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