8 Best Child Support Lawyers in Dayton, OH


Are you in Dayton, OH and in need of a child support lawyer? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find a list of the 8 best child support lawyers in the area. Each of these lawyers are highly experienced and have a strong track record of helping families navigate the complex process of child support. Regardless of your case’s unique complexities, you can be sure that you’ll get the help you need from one of these experts. Read on to learn more about the 8 best child support lawyers in Dayton, OH!

Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC

Since 1994, Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC has been providing legal services to individuals in Dayton and is board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. The firm specializes in child support matters, custody cases, and criminal defense cases, with a team of experienced professionals boasting more than 5 years of combined experience. These services include modification of visitation agreements, termination of parental rights, and state and federal court representation for cases involving murder, DUIs, robbery, and abduction, all with a focus on providing children with favorable living conditions.

Rating: 4.1

Website : https://www.patrickmulligan.com/

Phone: +1 937-685-7006

Full Address: 28 N Wilkinson St, Dayton, OH 45402

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Boucher & Kolber Attorneys and Counselors at Law

Boucher & Kolber Attorneys and Counselors at Law offers legal solutions to residents of Dayton, with a focus on family law issues. These include contested and uncontested divorce, legal separation, child custody, fathers’ rights, and child support calculations and adjustments. In addition, the firm also practices real estate, estate planning, and probate law. With over 4 years of combined experience, their attorneys are well-equipped to handle a variety of cases.

Rating: 4.1

Website : http://www.boucherandkolber.com/

Phone: +1 937-223-0122

Full Address: 77 Elmwood Dr Ste. 304, Centerville, OH 45459

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Mesaros Law Office

At Mesaros Law Office, we are a family-owned and family-operated firm that serves clients in and around Dayton. We provide education and guidance to petitioners and respondents in all aspects of child support cases, from payment guidelines to jail time for unpaid fees. We calculate potential support fees for each client based on annual income and child expenses, and prioritize out-of-court resolutions with other parties, such as disgruntled partners and divorcees. If necessary, our skilled attorneys can represent our clients in court to defend against appeals or file for establishment of child support expenses.

Rating: 4.9

Website : http://mesaroslaw.com/

Phone: +1 937-424-3658

Full Address: 7051 Clyo Rd, Centerville, OH 45459

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Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson is an experienced attorney who offers legal counsel to individuals and families in and around the Dayton area. She specializes in family law matters, such as child support issues, modifications of spousal support orders, military divorces, and grandparents’ rights. Anderson is highly knowledgeable in helping single parents receive the correct amount of child support payments, as well as guide clients through the entire process. She has been admitted to the bar since 27.

Rating: 4.2

Website : https://ohiodivorceattorney.com/

Phone: +1 937-879-9542

Full Address: 2190 Gateway Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324

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The Mayer Law Office LLC

The Mayer Law Office LLC is a locally owned and operated firm helping individuals and families in Dayton with family law matters, such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and guardianship. Combining technological resources and a client-centered approach, the firm offers legal representation to ease the burden of divorce and also handles business law matters as well as probate and estate planning services. Its owner, Michael Mayer, has extensive experience with the law, having previously worked as a city council’s chief legal officer and an assistant prosecutor.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://www.fairbornlawyers.com/

Phone: +1 937-878-8030

Full Address: 510 W Main St, Fairborn, OH 45324

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Bradley & Associates

For over two decades, Bradley & Associates, a Dayton-based law firm, has been providing legal services in the area of child support. Their experienced family law attorneys are well-versed in lobbying for financial support, making modifications to existing agreements, enforcing court orders, and mediating between divorcing parental parties to ensure an equitable and child-centric settlement. Not only this, but the company also offers support to families seeking asylum and refugee status. The co-founder of the firm, Karen Denise Bradley, was appointed Honorary Consul for Belize to Ohio and Indiana in 2021 by the Prime Minister of Belize.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://www.karenlaw.com/

Phone: +1 937-461-1212

Full Address: 130 W 2nd St #2100, Dayton, OH 45402

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Richard P. Arthur Attorney at Law

For over 3 years, Richard P. Arthur, Attorney at Law, has been helping individuals in and around Dayton with various legal needs, from child support and custody to bankruptcy, probate, and matters relating to wills and estates. He is committed to providing quality legal aid to parents who are divorcing, unmarried, or separated, and is experienced in navigating through the court procedures involved in establishing paternity and determining the amount of support. In addition, Richard P. Arthur is widely known for his volunteer work at a local battered women’s shelter.

Rating: 4.3

Website : https://richardarthurlaw.com/

Phone: +1 937-254-3738

Full Address: 1634 S Smithville Rd, Dayton, OH 45410

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Since 1986, Robert D. Goelz of Dayton Divorce has been committed to assisting couples in settling child support issues. With a background in criminal law, gained as a docket attorney in the Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and extensive experience in family law from a previous firm, Goelz employs collaborative methods to resolve alimony, child custody, grandparent visitation and parenting time disputes.

Rating: 4.3

Website : https://www.daytondivorce.com/

Phone: +1 937-228-2802

Full Address: 371 W First St #100, Dayton, OH 45402

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