8 Best Child Support Lawyers in Mesa, AZ


If you’re a parent in Mesa, AZ in need of a great child support lawyer, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the 8 best child support lawyers in the area that you can count on to provide you with the legal representation and advice you need. From experienced attorneys to those who specialize in child support cases, we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn more about the top 8 lawyers in Mesa, AZ and find the one that’s right for you.

Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack

For nearly three decades, Ronald L. Kossack has been representing families and individuals in Mesa and surrounding areas in family law matters. He has successfully served over 2,500 clients in cases such as child support, child custody, alimony, divorce and prenuptial agreements. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack, Ronald and his team evaluate parents’ income to determine if they can provide support for their children’s health insurance and childcare expenses. They ensure that the rights of families and individuals are protected throughout the legal process.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://www.kossacklaw.com

Phone: +1 480-345-2652

Full Address: 40 W Baseline Rd Suite 202, Tempe, AZ 85283

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Law Office of Tara Kilby

The Law Office of Tara Kilby, located in Mesa, offers a wide range of legal services for those going through divorce. Principal lawyer Tara Kilby, formerly a staff attorney at the Arizona District Court, is skilled in calculating child support based on multiple factors, such as monthly income, childcare costs, and special needs expenses. She also assists clients with alimony, grandparent rights, parenting time, property division, and relocation matters. In addition to her professional practice, Tara Kilby is a volunteer with several non-profit organizations, including the Junior League of Phoenix.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://kilbylaw.com/

Phone: +1 480-634-8001

Full Address: 2826 S Carriage Ln Suite 100, Mesa, AZ 85202

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Jensen Family Law

At Jensen Family Law, we specialize in helping families in Mesa with their child support cases. Our experienced lawyers will work to determine which parent is responsible for providing financial support for the child’s emotional, physical, and psychological needs. The amount of child support is calculated based on various factors, such as each parent’s income, spousal maintenance, capital gains, bonuses, wages, and unemployment insurance, as well as the allocated parenting time. In addition to child support, we also handle divorce and child custody cases.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://www.familylawattorneymesaaz.net/

Phone: +1 480-999-2321

Full Address: 3740 E Southern Ave Suite 210, Mesa, AZ 85206

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The Law Firm of M. Paul Fischer, P.C.

Since 1997, M. Paul Fischer, P.C. has provided families and individuals in Mesa with legal guidance and representation in a variety of family law matters. The firm helps parents come to an agreement on child support and custody arrangements, creates parenting time and modification requests for couples, and takes on spousal support, divorce, grandparents’ rights, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements cases. Owner Paul Fischer has been a practicing attorney for over four decades.

Rating: 4.5

Website : https://www.azlawfirm.com/

Phone: +1 480-461-4650

Full Address: 40 N Center St # 100, Mesa, AZ 85201

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Law Offices of David D. White

The Law Offices of David D. White has been providing legal services since 1988. Located in Mesa, the firm specializes in family law, representing individuals in marriage dissolutions and advocating for their interests in divorce-related cases, such as child support and modification of court decisions. Attorney White is committed to negotiating a fair amount of parental obligation on behalf of his clients while taking into account any alterations to their financial status. He is also admitted to the Bar in Colorado.

Rating: 4.5

Website : https://www.davidwhitefamilylaw.com/

Phone: +1 480-664-4900

Full Address: 3150 N Arizona Ave Suite 113, Chandler, AZ 85225

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Crider Law

At Crider Law, Brad Crider, the primary attorney, focuses on providing his clients in Mesa and nearby areas with tailored strategies to resolve their family law issues. His services include, but are not limited to, establishing, enforcing, and modifying child support payments, handling divorce and child custody claims, and negotiating settlements with the opposing party’s attorney. Additionally, Brad Crider is a Maricopa County judge pro tem.

Rating: 4.1

Website : https://criderlawaz.com/

Phone: +1 480-378-9000

Full Address: 3850 E Baseline Rd #111, Mesa, AZ 85206

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Arizona Family Law Solutions

At Arizona Family Law Solutions, we specialize in family law and can help you with any child support cases you may have. Our experienced lawyers serve clients in Mesa and surrounding areas. If you are preparing for a child support hearing, we can help you gather all the necessary records, including income records, credit card statements, bank statements, medical records, and documentation of the child’s special needs. Our attorneys always keep the best interest of the child in mind when creating an agreement that will be acceptable to both parties.

Rating: 4.2

Website : http://azfls.com/

Phone: +1 602-357-0910

Full Address: 1152 E Greenway St Suite 3, Mesa, AZ 85203

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Ellsworth Family Law, P.C.

At Ellsworth Family Law, P.C., Mesa-based founder and managing partner Steven Ellsworth and his team specialize in child custody cases. They are experienced in negotiating and working through the legal proceedings that decide who a child lives with and who has decision-making rights. Depending on the situation, the court may grant shared custody between both parents based on their abilities to raise and care for the child and their behavioral history. In addition to child custody, the firm also offers services in divorce, prenuptial agreements, legal name changes, and termination of parental rights.

Rating: 4.5

Website : https://ellsworthfamilylaw.com/

Phone: +1 480-635-8700

Full Address: 1630 S Stapley Dr #200, Mesa, AZ 85204

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