8 Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers in Denver, CO


Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? If you’re seeking help for substance abuse, Denver, CO is home to some of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in the country. With so many centers to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 8 drug and alcohol rehab centers in Denver, CO, so you can find the one that’s best suited to your needs. Read on to learn more about these excellent rehab centers and the services they provide.

Sandstone Care

Sandstone Care is a drug and alcohol rehab center located near Denver that specializes in tailored programs for teenagers, young adults, and their families. From medication-assisted detox for young adults to partial hospitalization and residential programs for teenagers, Sandstone Care offers an array of options for each age group. In addition to traditional treatment services, the center provides dual diagnosis, academic and vocational support, transition living solutions, and a parent support group. For those looking for a more flexible approach, Sandstone Care also offers an online intensive outpatient program.

Rating: 4.6

Website : http://sandstonecare.com

Phone: +1 720-420-7444

Full Address: 7555 E Hampden Ave #103, Denver, CO 80231

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Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center

At Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, our team of experienced medical and behavioral health professionals is dedicated to helping those suffering from opiate addiction. Our outpatient clinic offers a holistic environment, fast dosing, free naloxone kits, evidence-based group and individual counseling, and case management services. We also provide methadone maintenance therapy, which treats both the physical and psychological dependence on opiates. Medication is administered by our medical team. In addition, we strive to connect our patients to supportive services within the community.

Rating: 4.5

Website : https://comprehensivebhc.com/

Phone: +1 720-398-9666

Full Address: 2217 Champa St, Denver, CO 80205

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Pathfinders Recovery Center

Pathfinders Recovery Center, located near Denver, is a drug rehab center that provides individualized treatment plans determined by evaluations conducted by a specialized clinical team. Patients can receive medically supervised detoxification services for opioids, alcohol, and other drugs, with close monitoring throughout the process. Inpatient treatment includes individual and group therapies, 12-step meetings, medical counseling, and on-site care, while outpatient treatment consists of therapy sessions and meetings. Additional services provided by Pathfinders Recovery Center include psychiatric care and dual diagnosis treatment.

Rating: 3.1

Website : http://pathfindersaz.com

Phone: +1 855-728-4363

Full Address: 2953 S Peoria St Suite 230, Aurora, CO 80014

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Denver Recovery Group

Denver Recovery Group is a drug rehab center located near Denver whose professionals specialize in helping patients with opiate addiction. Through a comprehensive intake process, the center ensures each individual patient’s needs are addressed and provides confidential medical and clinical screening. Additionally, the center’s medical doctors provide guidance to clients on how to take control of their addictions, lessening the impact of cravings and withdrawal. For those suffering from severe addiction, medically supervised methadone and Suboxone therapy services are available.

Rating: 4.0

Website : http://denverrecoverygroup.com

Phone: +1 303-953-2299

Full Address: 2822 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

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AspenRidge Recovery

At AspenRidge Recovery in Denver, a variety of outpatient programs are offered to help individuals struggling with substance abuse. The intensive outpatient program is a 12-week program that includes individual, group, and family therapy. This program helps individuals work on achieving a healthy work-life balance, managing stress, developing coping strategies for underlying mental health issues, and rebuilding self-confidence. Additionally, there is a 9-day drug rehab program and an aftercare program available to help individuals on their journey to recovery.

Rating: 4.3

Website : http://aspenridgerecovery.com

Phone: +1 720-330-3632

Full Address: 7500 W Mississippi Ave Suite 200, Lakewood, CO 80226

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Barnes Institute

At Barnes Institute, individuals struggling with addiction can access comprehensive care to support their recovery. The facility provides long-term residential programs and outpatient services, beginning with supervised detox. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, drug replacement therapy, and group and individual counseling, patients can gain skills to manage the underlying causes of their addictions. Barnes Institute helps individuals break free from addiction to drugs such as marijuana, crack cocaine, and painkillers.

Rating: 4.7

Website : http://barnesinstitute.org

Phone: +1 215-278-7000

Full Address: 2025 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130

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Crossroads Treatment Centers

Crossroads Treatment Centers is dedicated to assisting those who are struggling with opioid addiction. Their treatment program uses evidence-based and validated treatments, and provides a wide range of services, such as one-on-one counseling, drug screenings, treatment education, and relapse prevention and stabilization. The program also guides patients in developing individualized treatment plans and creating roadmaps to recovery. Every patient is provided follow-up sessions to ensure they have the support needed to reach their goals.

Rating: 4.3

Website : http://crossroadstreatmentcenters.com

Phone: +1 800-805-6989

Full Address: 1801 W 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

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Red Rock Recovery Center

At Red Rock Recovery Center, located in Denver, we offer a range of services to support individuals in overcoming their substance abuse and addiction. Our detox program provides safe and effective withdrawal management, while our inpatient program helps patients begin the recovery process. Those who need more time to feel secure can benefit from our extended care program. We also offer an outpatient summit program, which helps individuals reclaim their lives from addiction.

Rating: 4.2

Website : http://redrockrecoverycenter.com

Phone: +1 855-908-0071

Full Address: 8805 W 14th Ave #200, Lakewood, CO 80215

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