8 Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tampa, FL


Are you or someone you love struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans battle addiction every day and Tampa, FL is no exception. Fortunately, Tampa has some of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in the country. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at 8 of the top rehab centers in Tampa so you can make an informed decision about which one to choose.

River Oaks Treatment Center

River Oaks Treatment Center, a subsidiary of American Addiction Centers, provides individuals with a research-based clinical approach to alcohol rehab in Tampa. The center offers a range of treatment programs, including inpatient rehab, residential, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization. Led by board-certified physicians, therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, and social workers, the center offers 24/7 medically managed detox services, as well as ongoing assessments and 12-step support groups. Patients benefit from the treatment of not only substance abuse, but also co-occurring mental health problems.

Rating: 3.8

Website : http://riveroakstreatment.com

Phone: +1 813-295-7762

Full Address: 12012 Boyette Rd, Riverview, FL 33569

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Riverside Recovery of Tampa

At Riverside Recovery of Tampa, individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders receive comprehensive and structured services. To ensure a safe and successful recovery, the medical professionals start with a supervised detox program to eliminate toxins from the body. Following detox, they design an individualized treatment plan for each patient in their residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. Therapeutic options and dual diagnosis treatment methods are then incorporated to ensure a complete recovery.

Rating: 4.4

Website : http://rrtampa.com

Phone: +1 813-279-6900

Full Address: 4004 N Riverside Dr, Tampa, FL 33603

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Clean Recovery Centers

Clean Recovery Centers, located in Tampa, specializes in addiction treatment services, providing patients with a range of options including outpatient, intensive outpatient, and residential treatment programs. To ensure successful long-term transition, the center offers both day and night treatment, as well as a community housing program. The medical personnel at Clean Recovery Centers focus on stabilizing chemical dependence through supervised detoxification, medication management, and evidence-based treatments. Furthermore, they are also equipped to provide psychiatric care for any stage of substance use disorder, as well as practical solutions.

Rating: 4.9

Website : http://cleanrecoverycenters.com

Phone: +1 813-743-3191

Full Address: 508 W Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

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DACCO Behavioral Health

Dacco, a community-based substance abuse and mental health disorder treatment center in Tampa, has been providing top-notch services since its founding in 1973. It specializes in treating adolescents aged 12 to 17, adults, and pregnant women, using methadone, suboxone, and vivitrol during medically assisted treatment to support alcohol and opioid addiction recovery. Furthermore, patients are provided with individual and group therapy, family education and counseling, continuing care, case management services, smoking cessation, peer support, and follow-up care.

Rating: 3.8

Website : http://dacco.org

Phone: +1 813-384-4000

Full Address: 4422 E Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33605

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Coalition Recovery

Since 2017, Coalition Recovery has been providing a full range of care and support for individuals struggling with alcoholism. Its experienced medical professionals use track-specific behavioral therapy to help patients through detox, outpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment programs. This Tampa-based alcohol and drug addiction treatment center also implements evidence-based treatments to ensure that patients benefit from the best possible care. Moreover, the center offers specialized assistance to working adults, college students, LGBTQ, and military personnel.

Rating: 4.5

Website : http://coalitionrecovery.com

Phone: +1 888-707-2873

Full Address: 3012 US-301 #1000, Tampa, FL 33619

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Advantage Mental Health Center

At Advantage Mental Health Center in Tampa, patients can access comprehensive psychiatric and evidence-based addiction treatment services, including medically assisted detoxification, behavioral therapy, and onsite counseling. The certified medical staff provides dual diagnosis and individual therapy sessions to help individuals overcome alcohol and opiate addiction. In addition, they offer a 12-step recovery program and relapse prevention education to promote long-term sobriety.

Rating: 4.5

Website : http://advantagementalhealthcenter.com

Phone: +1 727-600-8093

Full Address: 28465 US Hwy 19 N Suite #200, Clearwater, FL 33761

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Rockland Treatment Center

At Rockland Treatment Center, we offer an array of services to help those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Our individualized treatment plans are custom-made for each patient based on information from intake assessments, psychologists, and the clinical director. Our programs include intensive outpatient and residential treatments, as well as community housing. We provide medication-assisted treatment, 12-step ideology education, vocational rehabilitation, and trauma recovery. Patients may benefit from individual and group therapy sessions. We are open 24 hours a day and are available for consultations.

Rating: 4.0

Website : http://rocklandtreatment.com

Phone: +1 727-220-2422

Full Address: 5319 Grand Blvd, New Port Richey, FL 34652

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WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, located on a 1-acre campus in Tampa, provides individualized treatment plans developed in consultation with board-certified addictionologists and psychiatrists. These plans include detoxification, inpatient residential rehab, individual and group therapy sessions, moral reconation therapy, NA and AA meetings, nutritionist consultations, exercise classes and recreational activities to ensure that patients have an opportunity to stay occupied.

Rating: 4.7

Website : http://whitesandstreatment.com

Phone: +1 813-213-0442

Full Address: 215 W Verne St Suite A, Tampa, FL 33606

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