8 Best DUI Lawyers in Arlington, VA


If you or a loved one are facing a DUI charge in Arlington, VA, it is essential to find a lawyer who is experienced in this area of law and can provide the best defense possible. There are many qualified DUI lawyers in Arlington, VA, but how do you narrow your search? To help you out, here is a list of 8 of the best DUI lawyers in Arlington, VA. These lawyers are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to achieving the best outcome for their clients. Read on to learn more about their qualifications, successes, and specialties.

Scott C. Nolan

Scott C. Nolan, a criminal defense attorney serving Arlington individuals, has more than two decades of courtroom experience. He provides legal defense for traffic offenses, DUIs, probation violations, cybercrime, and violent crime cases, and his counsel includes briefing clients on potential penalties–including license suspension or revocation, jail time, and probation–before building a defense. He is skilled in negotiating for charges to be dropped or cases to be dismissed and, if a case goes to trial, works to secure an acquittal or an alternative or reduced sentence.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://criminaldefenselawyervirginia.com/

Phone: +1 703-223-8883

Full Address: 10304 Eaton Pl #100, Fairfax, VA 22030

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Rucker & Rucker

Founded by Denman T. Rucker in the 1930s, Rucker & Rucker, P.C. is a law practice in Arlington that has been providing legal representation to local residents for over 75 years. It specializes in cases involving DUI or DWI, challenging traffic stops and arrests, and fighting against intoxication evidence. Furthermore, it also handles cases involving drug offenses, juvenile defense, personal injury, and probation violations. Mr. Rucker practiced law until 1987 and the firm is continuing to uphold his legacy by providing quality legal services.

Rating: 3.5

Website : http://ruckerlawoffice.com/

Phone: +1 703-351-5050

Full Address: 2111 Wilson Blvd #700, Arlington, VA 22201

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Frank Salvato

Criminal defense attorney Frank Salvato focuses on helping clients in Arlington and the surrounding areas. He excels in DUI and DWI cases, where he investigates each incident from start to finish, with the goal of having the charges dropped or penalties reduced. He also offers representation in criminal defense cases such as assault, burglary, and rape. Salvato is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Rating: 3.8

Website : https://www.franksalvatolaw.com/

Phone: +1 703-548-5000

Full Address: 1203 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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Terry Adams Law, PLLC

At Terry Adams Law, PLLC, Arlington resident clients receive experienced criminal defense representation. Attorney Adams, a former Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, is knowledgeable in legal matters related to DUI, homicide, robbery, domestic violence, sexual assault, and possession charges. He works diligently to develop a strong defense to reduce or avoid legal repercussions, such as driver’s license suspension, hefty fines, jail time, and alcohol education classes.

Rating: 4.3

Website : http://www.adamslawpllc.com/

Phone: +1 703-785-2629

Full Address: 1100 N Glebe Rd #1010, Arlington, VA 22201

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Dave Albo Attorney

For over 30 years, Dave Albo Attorney has been providing legal representation to clients in Arlington, VA. His services include preparing, negotiating, persuading, and litigating DUI cases, as well as cases involving assault, reckless driving, traffic violations, and white-collar crime. Albo is the current chairman of the Virginia House Courts of Justice Committee, and is highly-regarded in the legal community, having earned the Leader in the Law designation from Virginia Lawyers Weekly. He has also been featured on several major news networks, including Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Rating: 5.0

Website : http://www.davealbo.com/

Phone: +1 800-814-1266

Full Address: 8350 Broad St Suite 1600, Tysons, VA 22102

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Nichols & Green PLLC

Nichols & Green PLLC is an Arlington-based general practice firm that specializes in DUI cases. With over one hundred clients defended, the attorneys at the firm are experienced in handling DWI, speeding, hit-and-run, domestic assault, reckless driving, and larceny charges. They work with their clients in an effort to build trust and offer legal counsel and representation in both federal and state courts. One of the firm’s managing partners, Luke Nichols, is a member of the Prince William County Bar Association and is equipped to serve Japanese-speaking clients.

Rating: 4.4

Website : http://nicholsgreen.com/

Phone: +1 703-215-1114

Full Address: 10615 Judicial Dr Suite 203, Fairfax, VA 22030

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Crowley Peritz Law

Crowley Peritz Law is a firm that offers legal representation for those who have been charged with DUI in Arlington. They strive to help their clients avoid fines and penalties, including those for first-time and repeat offenders. Additionally, their team is experienced in handling criminal cases, like robbery, assault, and sex crimes. Partner Seth Peritz has been practicing law since 2016 and began his career as a graduate fellow at the Loudoun County Public Defender’s Office. Since then, he has opened the office in 2022 and focuses primarily on misdemeanors and traffic offenses.

Rating: 4.9

Website : https://www.crowleyperitzlaw.com/

Phone: +1 703-337-3773

Full Address: 10560 Main St #501, Fairfax, VA 22030

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Dischley Law PLLC

For over 25 years, Dischley Law PLLC has been providing legal counsel to individuals charged with DUI in Arlington. The firm’s founding partner, David, has more than 1 year of experience and is well-versed in representing clients in both Virginia state and federal courts. The team at Dischley Law PLLC is dedicated to advocating for clients’ rights and building legal defense strategies that minimize risk and surprise outcomes. Their practice areas include drug offenses, expungements, financial crimes, misdemeanors, and reckless driving.

Rating: 4.9

Website : https://www.dischleylaw.com/

Phone: +1 703-215-9337

Full Address: 9255 Center St Suite 300B, Manassas, VA 20110

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