8 Best Employment Lawyers in El Paso, TX


Are you an El Pasoan in need of legal advice related to employment issues? If so, you’re in luck! This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive list of the 8 best employment lawyers in El Paso, Texas. From navigating labor laws to getting the right settlement, these professionals can provide you with the legal representation you need. Find out more about each lawyer, their areas of expertise, and their success stories – all in this one blog post!

Daniel S. Gonzalez, Attorney At Law

For over 21 years, Daniel S. Gonzalez, Attorney at Law has been practicing in El Paso as an esteemed employment lawyer. He specializes in defending employees who have been discriminated against due to their gender, religious beliefs, national origin, age, race, or disability. He is also well-versed in cases regarding wrongful termination, wage disputes, benefits denials, and sexual harassment. With his background in negotiation and arbitration, Gonzalez will strive to settle the matter outside of court, but he is also well-prepared to fight for his clients’ rights in trial if necessary. Additionally, Daniel S. Gonzalez handles criminal defense cases.

Rating: 4.7

Website : http://dgonzalezlaw.com

Phone: +1 915-533-6393

Full Address: 909 E Rio Grande Ave Second Floor, El Paso, TX 79902

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Law Office of Raymundo Eli Rojas

Raymundo Eli Rojas, founder of the Kansas City Worker Justice Project and esteemed by employment attorneys in El Paso, has been practicing law for over 15 years. His firm, the Law Offices of Raymundo Eli Rojas, offers general litigation services to the people of El Paso and the surrounding areas. Raymundo specializes in representing employees in employment law cases. He litigates claims related to sexual harassment, violations of the Family Medical Leave Act, and discrimination based on pregnancy, race, disability, and gender. He also handles lawsuits in which a client was not paid wages or commission they were owed from their employer.

Rating: nan

Website : http://rayrojaslaw.com

Phone: +1 915-449-7092

Full Address: 1300 El Paso St, El Paso, TX 79902

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The Hanshew Law Firm, PLLC

The Hanshew Law Firm PLLC, based in El Paso, is an ardent supporter of employees’ labor rights. Since its founding in 2011, the firm and its experienced attorney, Ms. Hanshew, have been providing legal counsel on a variety of topics, such as labor issues, wage and hour complaints, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination on the basis of disability, race, gender, and age. Moreover, the firm is experienced in dealing with whistleblower/Qui Tam cases and retaliation claims. Ms. Hanshew has also represented her clients before regulatory bodies such as the Texas Workforce Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Furthermore, she is a member of the Texas Young Lawyers Board of Directors.

Rating: 4.7

Website : http://hanshewlawfirm.com

Phone: +1 800-646-6380

Full Address: 632 Moondale Dr, El Paso, TX 79912

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The Law Offices of Joseph D. Vasquez

Joseph D. Vasquez, an employment lawyer based in El Paso, TX, offers legal counsel through the Law Offices of Joseph D. Vasquez. Mr. Vasquez has over 25 years of experience and specializes in a variety of employment law matters, including wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, workers’ compensation claims, and unemployment appeals. His legal approach involves carefully noting all relevant case details and conducting a thorough analysis in order to determine the parties at fault for any employment-related crimes. Additionally, Mr. Vasquez provides legal services in other practice areas, such as probate, criminal defense, personal injury, and family law.

Rating: 3.8

Website : http://www.josephvasquezlaw.com/

Phone: +1 915-542-4556

Full Address: 310 N Mesa St #710, El Paso, TX 79901

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Martinez & Martinez Law Firm

At Martinez & Martinez Law Firm, we specialize in litigating labor and employment law matters such as discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, pay issues, workplace injuries, and more. Located in and around El Paso, our locally owned firm has over 4 years of combined experience in representing individuals in civil matters. Not only do we handle personal injury claims and labor union representation cases, but we also make sure our clients have all the necessary information and perspectives regarding their case. Our lawyers work closely with each client to ensure they are satisfied with the outcome.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://www.martinezlawyers.com/

Phone: +1 915-541-1000

Full Address: 2110 Yandell Dr, El Paso, TX 79903

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Setra Law

Setra Law is a team of experienced attorneys, based in El Paso and serving its surrounding areas, who specialize in personal injury and employment law. Adam Setra, the firm’s principal lawyer, is well-versed in a variety of legal practice areas, not just those related to injuries. He and his team offer legal assistance to clients who have suffered injuries due to bulldozer accidents, construction work, defective products, dog bites, car mishaps, and chemical exposure, as well as wrongful death cases. They are committed to getting their clients the financial compensation they deserve.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://setralaw.com

Phone: +1 915-845-9000

Full Address: 1515 E Missouri Ave, El Paso, TX 79902

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Lubin & Enoch, PC

Established in 1986, Lubin & Enoch PC provides legal services to employees and labor unions in El Paso and its surrounding areas. Representing workers from a variety of industries – including education – the firm assists clients with issues such as harassment, breach of contract, defamation, and separation agreement negotiation. Additionally, their attorneys are capable of handling grievance and collective bargaining disputes for private labor organizations in the aviation, energy, telecommunications, and water industries. They are licensed to practice law in both Arizona and Colorado.

Rating: nan

Website : https://www.lubinandenoch.com/

Phone: +1 915-585-8008

Full Address: 7362 Remcon Cir, El Paso, TX 79912

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Riojas Law Firm, P.C.

Founded by Robert Riojas, a lawyer with over 27 years of experience and representing clients at all levels of federal and state courts in both Texas and New Mexico, Riojas Law Firm, P.C. provides legal representation to clients in the El Paso area with a focus on employment law, including wages and hours, discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination. Additionally, Robert Riojas is the president of Design One Innovations, a company that specializes in custom cabinetry and furniture products and services.

Rating: 4.0

Website : https://www.riojaslawfirm.net/

Phone: +1 915-301-7819

Full Address: 2035 Grant Ave, El Paso, TX 79930

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