8 Best Homeowners Insurance Agencies in Bakersfield, CA


Are you a homeowner in Bakersfield, California looking for the best homeowners insurance agency? Finding the right insurance policy can be tricky, and it’s important to find the right provider. That’s why we’ve done the research for you to create a list of the 8 best homeowners insurance agencies in Bakersfield, CA. Each of these companies offers competitive rates with comprehensive coverage.

Omega Financial And Insurance Services

Omega Financial and Insurance Services is a full service agency located in the Bakersfield, California, metro area. It provides consultation for a variety of insurance policies, including home, auto, business, and umbrella coverage. Home insurance policies involve coverage for property, personal property, liabilities, and medical expenses, and the agency specializes in advising clients on the most appropriate coverage areas for their circumstances. In addition, it offers flood and earthquake insurance, coverage for jewelry, and commercial insurance for contractors, retail, restaurants, and non-profits. Omega Financial and Insurance Services represents over 15 home insurance carriers, such as Travelers, Nationwide, Progressive, and Aegis.

Rating: 4.5

Website : http://quoteomega.com

Phone: +1 661-326-6870

Full Address: 400 H St, Bakersfield, CA 93304

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Cal-Valley Insurance Services

Since its founding in 1984, Cal-Valley Insurance Services has provided home insurance products to customers throughout California. As an independent insurance agency, the company offers a wide range of home insurance covers such as fire damage, property damage, personal liability and injury, floods, theft and burglary, and plumbing problems. In addition, Cal-Valley provides commercial insurance products for the trucking industry, commercial property, workmen’s compensation, cyber liability, special events and more. Their personal insurance products include coverage for autos, condos, renters, watercraft, and pets. The company partners with several personal and commercial insurance providers like Allied Insurance, CIG, First American, Travelers, and CNA.

Rating: 3.0

Website : http://calvalleyinsurance.com

Phone: +1 661-322-8186

Full Address: 200 New Stine Rd #205, Bakersfield, CA 93309

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Vision Insurance Planning Services

Established in 1989, Vision Insurance Planning Services is a Bakersfield, California-based insurance broker offering home, auto, motorcycle and commercial insurance products. The home insurance plans provided by Vision Insurance include those for renters, vacation homes, first homes and rental properties. Vision Insurance works with trusted insurance carriers such as Grange Insurance, The Hartford, Merced Property and Casualty Company, and Progressive to ensure the best possible coverage for its customers.

Rating: nan

Website : http://vipsinsurance.com

Phone: +1 661-861-8477

Full Address: 2130 Chester Ave # 103, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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Garcia & Associates Insurance

Since 1979, Garcia & Associates Insurance has been providing home insurance to the Bakersfield, California area. Their policies cover vandalism, fire, theft, injury on the property, and other events, giving their clients the coverage options and premiums that best suit their needs. In addition to home insurance, Garcia & Associates also offers personal and commercial auto, commercial property, liability, health, life, and workers’ compensation insurance. With a full range of insurance services available, they can help anyone from individual policyholders to large businesses.

Rating: nan

Website : http://garciainsurance.com

Phone: +1 661-325-9207

Full Address: 418 Oak St, Bakersfield, CA 93304

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Charpentier Insurance Services, Inc.

Since 1977, Charpentier Insurance Services Inc. has been providing homeowners in Bakersfield and the San Joaquin Valley with a range of coverage options to protect them from loss and liability due to injury or property damage. From top-rated insurers, clients can get policies to safeguard their homes and possessions from fire, theft, severe weather, fallen trees, burst pipes, vandalism, and vehicle damage. Furthermore, the company provides specialized coverage for detached structures, sewer backup, medical payments, and pet liability. In addition, Charpentier Insurance Services Inc. offers auto, motorcycle, business, and life insurance.

Rating: 4.6

Website : http://charpentierinsurance.com

Phone: +1 661-322-1888

Full Address: 525 H St, Bakersfield, CA 93304

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CA New Generation Insurance Services Inc.

Founded in 23, CA New Generation Insurance Services Inc. (NGI) is a full-service agency that provides specialized coverage options to homeowners in and around Bakersfield. From examining home insurance policies for repair and liability coverage to advising its clients on insurance plans for houses with checkered pasts, claim histories, and risk-prone locations, NGI offers an extensive range of services. In addition, it provides custom insurance policies for vacant households, seasonal residences, automobiles, and commercial spaces.

Rating: 5.0

Website : http://www.newgenerationinsurance.com/

Phone: +1 661-327-1000

Full Address: 4801 Wilson Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93309

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Wm. K. Lyons Insurance Agency

Founded in 1947, Wm. K. Lyons Insurance Agency is a trusted provider of insurance services in Bakersfield and its vicinity. The agency works with renowned carriers such as CNA Surety, Nationwide, Mapfre, Encompass, The Hartford, and Travelers to create personalized policies, including homeowners’, condo, renters’, and flood insurance, for clients. It also offers workers’ compensation, automobile, and business insurance solutions. In addition, Wm. K. Lyons Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://wmklyons.com/

Phone: +1 661-327-9731

Full Address: 2100 F St STE 200, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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Oliver Insurance

At Oliver Insurance, Shanty Mora and her team are dedicated to providing Bakersfield residents with reliable homeowners’ insurance. Their policy covers property damage and liability, so clients can have peace of mind in case of fire, theft, or any other unexpected event. Furthermore, Oliver Insurance is an independent agency that offers competitive quotes from leading insurers such as Dairyland and Infinity. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, Oliver Insurance is the ideal choice for all your homeowners’ insurance needs.

Rating: 3.9

Website : http://www.oliverinsuranceagencyllc.com/

Phone: +1 661-363-8078

Full Address: 2508 Niles St, Bakersfield, CA 93306

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