8 Best Immigration Lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO


Are you in need of an immigration lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO? With over a dozen law firms in the area, it can be overwhelming to find the best one for you. To help you out, we have put together a list of the 8 Best Immigration Lawyers in Colorado Springs. Whether you need a lawyer for a visa application, green card, or any other immigration matter, these lawyers are the top of the line. Read on to learn more about them and find the best fit for your needs.

Pezet Law Office

Attorney Joanna Pezet founded Pezet Law Office in 214 to serve the immigration needs of U.S. employers, foreign nationals, and individuals in Colorado Springs. With a personal understanding of the immigrant journey, she assists agricultural workers, professionals, business travelers, and trainees in obtaining visas to work and travel in the U.S., as well as helping with family reunification. Pezet also represents individuals facing deportation. Her firm provides comprehensive services to aid in the effort to create a secure and successful future for her clients.

Rating: 4.2

Website : http://jpezet.com

Phone: +1 719-434-5660

Full Address: 963 E Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Wilkens Law, LLC

Since 2017, Wilkens Law LLC has been providing immigration services to employers, families, and citizens of the Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, and Pueblo areas. They specialize in visas that allow foreign employees to temporarily work in the United States, such as intra-company transfers, treaty investors, specialty occupations, and NAFTA professionals. The firm also assists U.S. citizens and permanent residents in bringing their families to the country legally. Furthermore, Wilkens Law LLC offers help for asylum seekers, including those seeking protection through the Violence Against Women Act due to domestic abuse. Additionally, the firm handles removal, citizenship, and naturalization issues.

Rating: 4.8

Website : http://wilkenslawfirm.com

Phone: +1 719-527-9300

Full Address: 7730 N Union Blvd Suite 203, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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Sherman & Howard L.L.C.

Sherman & Howard LLC is a law firm based in Colorado Springs, established in 1892. They provide a wide range of services relating to immigration to corporations, businesses, families and individuals, both domestically and internationally. Their experienced attorneys help U.S. employers secure necessary work authorizations from the Department of State or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. They also offer guidance to employers regarding recruitment and filing procedures for the PERM system, as well as advice on employee eligibility requirements and related agency inspections. Furthermore, they offer assistance to foreign investors, families and individuals with nonimmigrant and immigrant visas.

Rating: 3.7

Website : http://sah.com

Phone: +1 719-475-2440

Full Address: 90 S Cascade Ave # 1500, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Hanes & Bartels, LLC

Hanes & Bartels LLC, a Colorado Springs law firm established in 1991, provides immigration legal services to clients in the Western United States. Their lawyers specialize in green card applications, family-based residency petitions, consular processing, waivers of inadmissibility, immigration court proceedings such as cancellation of removals and appeals, DACA applications, and assistance for domestic violence or human trafficking victims. The firm also assists employers with compliance audits.

Rating: 4.5

Website : http://hanesandbartels.com

Phone: +1 719-260-7900

Full Address: 105 E Moreno Ave Ste 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Daugherty Law LLC

Mary Daugherty, founder of Daugherty Law LLC, established the firm in 217 in Colorado Springs. Primarily a family law practice, the firm also offers select immigration services. Daugherty assists clients with the process of naturalization, asylum, and family-based visas. She helps children of U.S. citizens born abroad to gain citizenship and permanent residents who want to become citizens. Furthermore, she provides assistance to those seeking asylum due to foreign persecution, domestic violence, or human trafficking. Additionally, Mary’s expertise extends to applications and other visa matters for foreign family members wishing to come to the United States.

Rating: 4.9

Website : http://coslawyer.com

Phone: +1 719-922-6172

Full Address: 104 S Cascade Ave Suite 200-C, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Deere Law

Josh Deere, founding attorney of Deere Law in Colorado Springs, founded the law firm in 214. He has been providing legal assistance to individuals and businesses alike since then. For individuals, Deere Law offers services in family immigration, removals from the U.S., citizenship, deferred actions for children of undocumented immigrants, asylum claims, fiance visas, family petitions, appeals, and consular processing for U.S. citizens and permanent residents seeking to bring family to the United States legally. For businesses, Deere Law offers services in visa issues and immigration compliance audits for those wanting to transfer foreign employees to U.S. locations.

Rating: 4.3

Website : https://www.deerelaw.com/

Phone: +1 719-633-3377

Full Address: 421 S Tejon St Suite 112, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Murphy & Price LLP

Founded in 21, Murphy & Price LLP is a Colorado Springs criminal defense law firm that specializes in immigration issues. Their attorneys are experienced in representing legal and undocumented immigrants with naturalization, family-based immigration, refugee and asylum cases, visa applications, and removal defense. They can help with applications and renewals of education or work visas, as well as green cards for individuals or family members. The firm also helps those who fear persecution in their home countries and victims of domestic violence to claim asylum or avoid deportation. Additionally, Murphy & Price LLP assists their clients in appearing before immigration courts.

Rating: 5.0

Website : http://cosprings.lawyer

Phone: +1 719-280-2038

Full Address: 10 Boulder Cres St Suite 301, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Izaguirre Law Firm

Stephanie Izaguirre founded Izaguirre Law Firm in 21 with the goal of providing full-service immigration law services to Colorado Springs. The firm specializes in humanitarian and family-based immigration, including assisting asylum seekers, domestic violence and human trafficking victims, and guardian ad litem on behalf of unaccompanied immigrant children. It also aids families in reuniting and becoming legal residents in the United States, from U.S. citizens to green card holders with foreign relatives. Additionally, Izaguirre Law Firm handles the removal process in immigration courts and works to prevent deportations when necessary.

Rating: 4.1

Website : http://izaguirrelawfirm.com

Phone: +1 719-445-0292

Full Address: 1287 Lake Plaza Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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