8 Best Plumbers in Los Angeles, CA


Are you in need of a plumber in Los Angeles, California? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the best plumbers in the Los Angeles area. From certified professionals to experienced service providers, these eight plumbers are top-notch and offer the best services around. Read on to learn more about each one and find the perfect plumber for your needs.

Craig’s Plumbing

Since 1989, Craig’s Plumbing has been providing expert plumbing services to the Los Angeles area. Whether you need emergency service or a scheduled appointment, our licensed professionals are available 24/7. As a family-owned business, we are EPA certified and fully licensed (LICENSE #696436). Our team specializes in sink drain cleaning, main line sewer blockage detection, hydro-jet cleaning, and trenchless repair. We also offer earthquake shut-off valve installation, gas leak detector services, and fixture repair and replacement.

Rating: 3.9

Website : https://craigsplumbingla.com/

Phone: +1 310-204-3133

Full Address: 4311 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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John’s Plumbing Company

For over a decade, John’s Plumbing & Drain Services have been providing 24/7 emergency calls and scheduled repair services to the residents of Los Angeles. Their experienced and efficient plumbing team offers cost-effective solutions to both commercial and residential plumbing problems, such as drain and sewer services, plumbing repair and installation, copper and PEX repiping, earthquake gas valve installation, gas line repair and replacement, and sewer camera inspection and repair. To top it all off, John’s Plumbing & Drain Services provides full warranties on parts and services. They are licensed with license number 914636.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://johnsplumber.com/

Phone: +1 323-422-7485

Full Address: 3847 Brunswick Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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Nautilus Plumbing

For over 5 years, Nautilus Plumbing has been providing premier commercial and residential plumbing services in Los Angeles. Their certified plumbers guarantee a response time of under an hour for all services, from burst pipes to full system repiping. Utilizing the most advanced technology, their technicians are able to quickly detect and locate leaks, drain blockages and more. With hydro-jetting and trenchless replacement services, their team can quickly repair or replace damaged lines without compromising your landscaping. LICENSE #957291.

Rating: 4.9

Website : https://www.nautilusplumbing.com/

Phone: +1 323-629-4627

Full Address: 3853 Aloha St, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Rooter Guard

Rooter Guard has been providing plumbing and drain cleaning services to Los Angeles and the surrounding area since 2015. Their experienced technicians are capable of providing pipe lining technology and copper repiping, as well as gas leak repair and water leak detection. In addition, they also offer fixture and faucet replacement services. When it comes to drain cleaning, Rooter Guard has you covered with electronic leak and sewer locating, video camera inspection, hydro-jetting, and sewer line repair and replacement. They are fully licensed and their license number is 979839.

Rating: 4.5

Website : https://www.rooterguard.com/

Phone: +1 818-351-1914

Full Address: nan

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Monkey Wrench Plumbing

Monkey Wrench Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company that provides top-notch services to both residential and commercial customers in the Los Angeles area. Our team of experienced technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of projects, from faucet and fixture repair to water heater and softener installation, as well as dishwasher service and replacement. We can also help you locate pipes and blockage issues, such as tree roots in sewer lines. When necessary, we use hydro-jetting to clear away debris. Additionally, our trenchless repair services can help maintain your landscape. Licensed and insured (#922757).

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://www.monkeywrenchplumbers.com/

Phone: +1 323-425-8293

Full Address: 4649 Beverly Blvd #102, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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US Comfort

For over two decades, US Comfort has been a trusted provider of plumbing services in the Los Angeles area. Our professional team is available 24/7 to answer emergency calls and keep to their scheduled appointments. To maintain a clean environment, our plumbing crew wears shoe covers when entering homes or businesses and cleans up before leaving. Moreover, our certified, licensed and insured plumbers are capable of resolving malfunctioning fixtures, clogged drains, water and gas leaks. We also offer PEX and copper repiping services. Our license number is 857131.

Rating: 4.3

Website : https://www.uscomfort.com/

Phone: +1 800-738-4160

Full Address: 5455 Wilshire Blvd 21st floor #118, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Zakhar Plumbing

Zakhar Plumbing has been a trusted provider of plumbing services to the Los Angeles area since 1992. With a full range of services from 24/7 emergency repairs to installing and replacing plumbing systems, sump pumps, drains, and fixtures in both residential and commercial properties, Zakhar Plumbing is fully licensed and insured (LICENSE #643649). In addition, they offer PEX and copper repiping and sewer repair to upgrade older systems with galvanized material.

Rating: 4.0

Website : http://zakharplumbing.com/

Phone: +1 310-508-7559

Full Address: 1742 Granville Ave #3, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Twin Town Plumbing & Rooter

Twin Town Plumbing & Rooter provides reliable plumbing services to customers in Los Angeles. They specialize in plumbing emergencies for residential and commercial properties, such as broken toilets and clogged drains. Their technicians work closely with the customers to discuss their options, and are able to fix pipes and sinks quickly. In addition, the company offers drain and sewer cleaning and water heater installation. Many customers have praised their technicians’ ability to respond and address the issue within an hour.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://twin2plumbing.com/

Phone: +1 818-335-0652

Full Address: nan

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