8 Best Property Management Companies in Wichita, KS


Are you searching for the best property management company in Wichita, Kansas? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the 8 best property management companies in Wichita. We’ll be discussing the services they offer and what sets them apart from the rest. So read on to find out which property management company is the perfect fit for you!

Longhorn Property Management Group

Longhorn Property Management Group provides a wide selection of professional services to both landlords and tenants. These services include rent collection, maintenance, and evictions for residential properties such as apartments, single-family homes, and duplexes. Additionally, the company buys homes that have been foreclosed or declared bankrupt and offers rehabilitation services to get them ready for the market as quickly as possible. Furthermore, Longhorn Property Management Group also offers assistance to homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage or are dealing with an inherited property they do not want. Prospective tenants can view the company’s inventory of homes and apartments on the website.

Rating: 4.2

Website : http://longhornsmanagement.com

Phone: +1 316-444-0209

Full Address: 307 E Kechi Rd Box 163, Kechi, KS 67067

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Real Property Management First Choice

For over 3 years, Real Property Management First Choice has been providing Wichita property owners with reliable and secure management services. Our team of experienced property managers markets properties both online and offline, and provides strategic pricing advice based on market trends, location, and proximity to schools and transportation. Additionally, our comprehensive online account helps owners track vacancies, lease agreements, maintenance work, inspections conducted, and financial reports. To ensure the best tenant experience, we also screen tenants, collect rent, and coordinate maintenance requests.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://www.rpmfirstchoice.com/

Phone: +1 316-337-5602

Full Address: 940 N Tyler Rd Suite 203, Wichita, KS 67212

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1st Guardian Property Management

1st Guardian Property Management provides real estate management services for residential, multi-family, and commercial properties for lease to clients in Andover and the surrounding cities, including Wichita. They create custom marketing plans for property owners to help them rent or lease their properties. Furthermore, their staff is dedicated to addressing any tenant issues related to safety or structure, as well as any maintenance and utility concerns. 1st Guardian Property Management is committed to excellent customer service and improving their services through ongoing communication with their clients.

Rating: 4.0

Website : http://www.firstguardianproperty.com/

Phone: +1 316-260-4157

Full Address: 1460 Terradyne St, Andover, KS 67002

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Property Management Inc. Wichita

For over two decades, Property Management Inc. has been providing top-notch services to clients in Wichita and its surrounding communities. As a full-service real estate management firm, it offers property marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, financial reporting, and accounting services. Locally owned and operated, the independent franchise is dedicated to helping landlords, property owners, and commercial investors maximize the profitability of their real estate investments.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://www.wichitapropertymanagementinc.com/

Phone: +1 316-337-5602

Full Address: 940 N Tyler Rd Suite 203, Wichita, KS 67212

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Prudentia Property Management

At Prudentia Property Management, we pride ourselves on our honest and reliable services for tenants, residents and property owners. Our knowledgeable staff are well-versed in Landlord-Tenant laws and will ensure that all properties we manage are up to code. We will take care of the day-to-day duties so property owners can sit back and reap the benefits of their investments. If you’re a prospective tenant or property owner interested in our services, simply give us a call or send us an email. We are a team of experienced and compassionate professionals ready to assist you.

Rating: nan

Website : http://prudentiapropertymanagement.solutions

Phone: +1 316-721-2153

Full Address: 2243 N Ridge Rd, Wichita, KS 67205

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Mogul Rentals Property Management

Mogul Rentals Property Management, based in Wichita, provides a comprehensive range of services to owners and investors of single-family, duplex, and quadplex homes. These services include marketing, tenant screening, contract agreement preparation, rental payment collection, eviction handling, property assessments to determine necessary improvements, and tenant services to address complaints and maintenance needs.

Rating: 3.8

Website : https://mogulrentals.tenantcloud.com/

Phone: +1 316-260-1500

Full Address: nan

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Peak 1 Management LLC

Peak 1 Management, LLC has been providing rental options to the Wichita and surrounding communities for two years. Since 2013, they have also been offering property management services to property owners in the area. This includes advertising vacancies, screening tenants, handling maintenance tasks, dealing with late-night phone calls, ensuring legal compliance, and bookkeeping. Furthermore, Peak 1 Management, LLC provides an online owner portal to make communication easier and ensure the best protection for clients’ investments.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://www.peak1mgmt.com/

Phone: nan

Full Address: 601 E Pawnee St, Wichita, KS 67211

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Home-N-Harth, Inc.

Home-N-Harth, Inc., based in Wichita, specializes in property management services, offering assistance to both tenants and property owners. Founded by Eric Harth, a real estate professional with almost three decades of experience, the company handles all aspects of property management, including initial marketing, background checks, rent collection, and maintenance of an online portal with financial and historical data. Home-N-Harth, Inc. can manage single-family homes, duplexes, and various other types of properties.

Rating: 4.0

Website : https://www.home-n-harth.com/

Phone: +1 316-648-4866

Full Address: 12021 E 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67206

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