8 Best Solar Companies in Tacoma, WA


Are you looking to switch to solar energy in Tacoma, WA? With the right solar company, you can make the switch and take advantage of all the benefits that solar energy has to offer. In this blog post, we will be looking at the 8 best solar companies in Tacoma, WA. We’ll be exploring their services, pricing, and customer reviews to help you find the company that best suits your needs. Let’s get started!

Puget Sound Solar

For over 21 years, Puget Sound Solar has been providing tailored, grid-connected solar energy systems to residential and commercial customers in and around Tacoma. From carports to awnings and pergolas to flat and open gable roofs, their NABCEP-certified installers have completed over 2,000 solar projects. In addition to installations, the company regularly audits solar panels in a variety of locations such as apartment complexes, transit centers, and shopping malls. They utilize a number of solar products, including mounting systems, inverters, PV modules, combiners, and subpanels.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://www.pugetsoundsolar.com/

Phone: +1 206-706-1931

Full Address: 805 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

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CapStone Solar

For over 23 years, CapStone Solar has been providing solar panel installation services to residential clients in and around Tacoma. The company specializes in installing panels on ground spaces and a variety of roof types, such as flat, hip, valley, and open gable. To ensure a proper solar system design, CapStone Solar employs Aurora software and 3D Drone modeling. The technicians have installed a total of 7,463 kilowatts of solar panels to date. Interestingly, the company started out as a telecommunications company, building cell towers in remote areas throughout the Northwestern US.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://www.capstonesolar.com/

Phone: +1 800-583-3620

Full Address: 2641 Willamette Dr NE, Lacey, WA 98516

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Do It Right Roofing

Since 2011, Do It Right Roofing has provided Tacoma and its surrounding metros with solar panel installation services. Their experienced roof inspectors evaluate clients’ properties and determine the best solar panel system for their roofs, enabling them to reduce electric bills, lower their carbon footprint, and increase their home’s value. Additionally, the company assists in obtaining federal and state tax incentives, such as rebates and tax credits, for roof-installed solar panels. Not to mention, they have been delivering roof repair, maintenance, and replacement services for the past decade.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://dir-roofing.com/

Phone: +1 253-432-7663

Full Address: 10139 Patterson St S, Tacoma, WA 98444

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South Sound Solar, Inc.

South Sound Solar, Inc. is a family-owned business serving residential and commercial clients in Tacoma and its surrounding communities. It offers engineering, design, installation, and repair services for solar power systems and has partnered with local lenders to provide financing options. This business also assists clients to receive tax credits and incentives for going solar, as well as aiding small businesses to access renewable energy through REAP. South Sound Solar, Inc. is a founding member of the Washington Solar Energy Industries Association, a statewide organization that strives to create reliable renewable energy.

Rating: 4.4

Website : https://southsoundsolar.com/

Phone: +1 360-352-7869

Full Address: 4511 Lemon Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506

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For over a year, Solterra has been installing hundreds of solar systems in homes throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Tacoma. They offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of their customers, such as preserving property aesthetics and offsetting electricity use, as well as addressing their solar energy-related concerns such as sustainability. Additionally, their experienced operations team handles the permitting process, paperwork, government incentives, and project coordination for commercial clients.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://solar.solterra.com/

Phone: +1 206-462-1103

Full Address: 2909 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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Design Northwest

Since 1976, Design Northwest has served clients in Tacoma, creating custom designs and supervising the building of passive solar systems for residential and commercial spaces. They offer solar energy solutions and produce site feasibility studies to assess a single or multi-family property’s suitability for solar energy systems. The company is involved during the permit acquisition process and solves any problems with regulatory agencies. Design Northwest entered the renewable energy sector in the 1980s.

Rating: nan

Website : http://sunenergy-solutions.com/

Phone: +1 253-284-3170

Full Address: 611 S Yakima Ave, Tacoma, WA 98405

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Jet City Solar Experts

Jet City Solar Experts has been providing renewable energy solutions to residential and commercial customers in Tacoma for over 10 years. They specialize in roof- and ground-mounted solar panel systems, as well as roof tiles and shingles with hidden photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy to electricity. The company also equips their systems with protective devices to ensure the panels are safe from extreme weather and lightning strikes. Additionally, Jet City Solar Experts provides customers with helpful advice on maintaining their systems and taking advantage of tax breaks.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://www.solar-seattle.com/

Phone: +1 206-222-8702

Full Address: 715 Spring St, Seattle, WA 98104

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Grit City Solar Co

For more than nine years, Grit City Solar Co has been providing Tacoma and its surrounding communities with top-notch solar panel installation services. With its NABCEP-certified technicians, the company offers residential and commercial customers the opportunity to make the switch to solar energy with ease. Not only does Grit City Solar Co provide professional installation, but they also educate their clients on the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy. Additionally, they teach their customers how to properly maintain their photovoltaic systems.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://www.solar-tacoma.com/

Phone: +1 253-449-3012

Full Address: 2040 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403

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