8 Best Tree Services in Indianapolis, IN


Trees are an integral part of our environment, and can add beauty and value to any property. Keeping them healthy and safe requires regular maintenance, which is why it’s important to find the right tree service for the job. If you’re in Indianapolis, IN, you’re in luck: there are many excellent tree services to choose from! Here are 8 of the best tree services in Indianapolis, IN that will provide you with quality services and reliable results.

Green Tree Services

Green Tree Services, a family-owned business in Indianapolis, offers a wide range of tree care services for commercial, residential, and strata properties. This includes tree removal, pruning, trimming, and stump removal and grinding. Moreover, its team is available 24/7 for emergency response to fallen trees due to storms, strong winds, or ice and snow damage. Finally, the company provides environmentally friendly brush chipping services, transforming branches and piles into wood chips that can be used in gardens.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://www.greentreeservicesindy.com/

Phone: +1 317-900-9997

Full Address: 8811 Saville Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060

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Arborist Professionals by Mid-Western Tree Experts

Mid-Western Tree Experts, owned by master arborist and second-generation champion tree climber James West, offers 24/7 assistance to Indianapolis with a wide range of tree care services. These services include trimming, removal, pruning and stump grinding for commercial, residential and municipal properties. The company also provides snow plowing and crane services. Safety is a priority for Mid-Western Tree Experts, and they maintain an inventory of safety and support equipment for each project to ensure a clean and safe work site.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://www.mid-westerntreeexperts.com/

Phone: +1 317-578-0690

Full Address: nan

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Blue Ox Tree Care of Indiana

For over two years, Blue Ox Tree Care of Indiana has been serving Indianapolis and its surrounding residential and commercial areas with tree care and maintenance services. From removal and trimming to stump grinding, lot clearing, and storm damage cleanup, their experienced arborists use industry-standard equipment, adhering to safety protocols. Client reviews attest to their commitment to providing thorough explanations of each process.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://www.blueoxtreecare.com/

Phone: +1 317-285-9501

Full Address: nan

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Paul & Lori Tree Service

Paul & Lori Tree Service has been servicing Indianapolis since 1997. This family-owned local business provides commercial and residential clients with tree removal, stump grinding, and tree trimming services, as well as winter services for snow removal with shovels and high-standard snowplows. The company also offers firewood delivery with stacking services, so property owners can be prepared for bad weather or if the firewood is far away from the property. Paul & Lori Tree Service’s team of professionals conduct discussions with property owners to inform them of their available options.

Rating: 4.4

Website : https://www.pandltreeservice.com/

Phone: +1 317-439-4810

Full Address: Indianapolis, IN 46221

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Earthworks Outdoor Inc.

For over 10 years, Earthworks Outdoor Inc. has been providing residential and commercial property owners in the Indianapolis metro and nearby areas with a range of maintenance services, including the removal of uprooted trees and broken limbs, as well as dead, diseased, and overgrown trees to prevent serious injuries caused by falling branches. In addition, their experienced arborists also conduct stump grinding, dead wooding, tree trimming and thinning, lawn care, and landscape installation jobs.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://www.earthworksoutdoor.com/

Phone: +1 317-340-3680

Full Address: nan

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Rogers Tree Service & Landscape

At Rogers Tree Service & Landscape, we accept all kinds of projects, big and small, in and around the Indianapolis metro. Our services include tree removal, stump grinding, and various tree-trimming solutions such as crown raising and thinning, shape reduction, and crown cleaning. We also provide dead-wooding services to reduce the risk of dead or rotten limbs falling and causing damage or injury. Whether you need to remove a dying, diseased, overgrown, or intrusive tree, we are here to help.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://www.rogerstreeserviceandlandscaping.com/

Phone: +1 317-456-6189

Full Address: 14500 Dublin Dr, Carmel, IN 46033

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Walt’s Affordable Tree service

Walt’s Affordable Tree Service is a family-owned business serving Indianapolis residents with tree care services. Their crew offers tree topping and trimming, limb roping, wood chipping, bush removal, and stump grinding. Additionally, they provide spring and fall cleanups that involve removing leaves, cleaning gutters, treating termites, and landscaping. Their staff is all family members, and they have their own stump grinder, chipper, bucket truck, chip truck, and trailers for debris removal after every job.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://walts-affordable-tree-care.business.site/

Phone: nan

Full Address: 3722 W Morris St, Indianapolis, IN 46241

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Anthony’s Tree Service & Landscape

Anthony’s Tree Service & Landscape provides numerous services to customers in the Indianapolis area. From thinning and pruning to the removal of large or small trees, the company is adept at creating a safer and more aesthetically pleasing environment. It can trim away trees from lawns, buildings, roadways, and light fixtures to avoid property damage. In addition, spring and fall cleanup and landscaping are available, which includes seeding, mulching, and maintenance.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://www.anthonystreeservices.com/

Phone: +1 317-679-5143

Full Address: 126 Pine View Dr apt 2, Carmel, IN 46032

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