8 Best Yoga Studios in Santa Rosa, CA


Are you a yoga enthusiast living in Santa Rosa, CA? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the 8 best yoga studios in the area, so you can find the perfect one to practice your craft. From spacious rooms with natural light, to experienced instructors and varied classes, these studios have it all. Read on to learn more about the top 8 yoga studios in Santa Rosa, CA.

Energize Hot Yoga Santa Rosa

For over 18 years, Rebecca Pennington has been practicing Bikram yoga and her enthusiasm has led to the establishment of Energize Hot Yoga Santa Rosa. The studio offers a wide range of classes, such as hot yoga, pilates, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and restorative yoga, and provides the necessary facilities for an enjoyable and comfortable experience. These include mens’ and womens’ locker rooms, bike racks, refrigerated drink containers, and a shop where clients can buy yoga mats and towels, water bottles, and clothing.

Rating: 4.8

Website : http://bikramyogaofsantarosa.com/

Phone: +1 707-545-9642

Full Address: 522 Wilson St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Kashi Ananda

For nearly three decades, Kashi Ananda Yoga has been serving the residents of Santa Rosa and the surrounding areas from their Sebastopol-based studio. Kashi, the yoga teacher and practitioner, specializes in TriYoga, a practice which involves held postures and flowing sequences to improve flexibility, endurance, and alignment. For those with physical limitations due to illness, injury, stress, or age, Kashi offers yoga therapy. In addition to this, Kashi also provides one-on-one classes and health and wellness coaching services.

Rating: 5.0

Website : http://www.kashianandayoga.com/

Phone: +1 707-575-0886

Full Address: 4378 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Breathe Diversity Pilates + Fitness

Lori Behler, one of the instructors at Breathe Diversity Pilates + Fitness in Santa Rosa, is a 5-hour registered yoga teacher. She also volunteers at the Humane Society and Compassion Without Borders. The full-service studio offers yoga classes tailored to various fitness levels, giving students the opportunity to relieve stress through different practices and variations. In addition, the facility holds Pilates equipment and sculpt classes, as well as a video archive with tutorials for both yoga and Pilates.

Rating: 4.9

Website : https://www.breathediversitypilates.com/

Phone: +1 707-595-5513

Full Address: 65 Brookwood Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Montecito Heights

Montecito Heights, established in 1989 by Pierre Ehret, is a fitness club located in Santa Rosa. The team of professionals at Montecito Heights work to provide clients with beneficial fitness and health services. In addition to tennis, fitness, and aquatics classes, the club began offering yoga classes in 2012, including inferno hot, non-heated IH pilates, yin, vinyasa, and B.A.S.A yoga. For added luxury, Montecito Heights boasts amenities such as saunas, locker rooms, an outdoor hot tub, bar facilities, and a flamingo hotel.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://www.montecitoheights.com/

Phone: +1 707-526-0529

Full Address: 2777 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

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Inspired Fitness Training Center

Founded in 2018 by three-time gold medal gymnast Jenn Fujii, Inspired Fitness Training Center in Santa Rosa is a community-inclusive wellness studio providing services to clients of all fitness levels. At Inspired Yoga, clients can participate in classes such as Rock n Roll Friday Flow, SuperSOUL Saturday Power Flow, and Happy Hour Flow, which combine traditional yogic practice with fun and creative elements. Jenn’s passion is to inspire others to reach for their life goals both inside and outside of the gym.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://www.inspired2befit.com/

Phone: +1 707-329-6948

Full Address: 2000 Gravenstein Hwy N #100, Sebastopol, CA 95472

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Three Dog Yoga

At Three Dog Yoga, clients in Santa Rosa can find a wide variety of yoga classes, suitable for any level of experience. From Jam Yoga to Moving Meditation with Strength Building, each class is designed to help you learn postures safely and comfortably. You can join a class in person, over Zoom, or by downloading one of the studio’s podcasts. These podcasts cover topics such as yoga, relaxation, meditation, and core strengthening, with sessions lasting from three to 45 minutes.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://threedogyoga.com/

Phone: +1 707-528-1071

Full Address: 1617 Terrace Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Yoga Center of Santa Rosa

Pam Field, a certified Iyengar yoga instructor for nearly four decades, founded the Yoga Center of Santa Rosa in 1987. The fully equipped studio offers Iyengar yoga classes for individuals, families, and special groups, with Field providing private and limited group classes for beginner and seasoned clients, and ensuring that all receive individualized attention. The center has also had the experience of working with pregnant women, elementary schools, and employees of Kaiser in Santa Rosa.

Rating: nan

Website : https://www.yogacenterofsantarosa.com/

Phone: nan

Full Address: 420 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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Westside Yoga Studio

Since its opening in 28, Westside Yoga Studio has been providing Santa Rosa residents with its range of services, all based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya, an ayurvedic healer and scholar. At the studio, instructors hold guided classes for ashtanga, viniyoga, Iyengar, and general yoga. Private classes are also available for those who are new to yoga and for those who have mental, emotional, or physical health issues.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://westsideyogastudio.com/

Phone: nan

Full Address: 7385 Healdsburg Ave #3224, Sebastopol, CA 95472

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